Our Journey

• Early 1970’s, the founders of JC Groups started their career as traders of ferrous & non-ferrous metals.
• In Early 1980’s JC diversified to trading batteries & battery spare parts.
• In 1986, JC started first Lead Smelting plant, Eswari Metal Industries, EMI – Unit I, in Mangalore, Karnataka.
• In 2006, JC inaugurated 2nd Lead Smelting, Refining & Alloying unit, EMI Unit- II, in Mangalore.
• In 2007, JC inaugurated 3rd Lead Smelting, Refining & Alloying unit in the name of JC Alloys (P) Ltd., Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.
• In 2009, JC further diversified its activity by producing Lead Acid Batteries under the name JC Industries, in Coimbatore.
• In 2010, JC started Plastics recycling unit in the name of JC Plastics, Coimbatore.
• In 2010, JC started Aluminum Recycling & Alloying plant, Moogambigai Metal Refineries (MMR), in Mangalore.
• In 2013, JC further setup another plant for plastic recycling in the name of MMR – Unit II (Plastics Division), in Mangalore.
• In 2015, JC diversified its activities to set up another recycling plant for waste electrical and electronic scrap, MMR – Unit III (WEEE Divison), in Mangalore