Benefits of E-Waste Recycling


Employees who are delegated to collect e-wastes components from various sources wear protective gear. The collected equipment is then transported in accordance with the appropriate measures required for the hauling of electronic wastes.


The collected e-waste is transported to the recycling facility in a safe and secure manner using a closed container vehicle as per the government norms. The e-waste transportation vehicle will carry all the necessary forms for hazardous waste transportation and we will issue a duplicate of all the forms to the waste generator. We will make sure the loading and unloading process is smooth and hassle-free.


Upon unloading, electronic waste segregation is done based on the size and availability of components at the factory premises.


After the segregation of electronic waste, equipment like CRTs, CPUs, Hard Disks SMPS, Printers, Fax Machines, ACs, Washing Machines and other lab equipment are dismantled separately. Our facility is equipped with the latest tools and safety systems for safe dismantling of electronic waste.


It is a fact that obtaining precious metals and minerals through recycling of E-waste is much more economical than obtaining those minerals though the mining process. This helps to lessen the burden on earth’s eco system and environment to fulfill the demand for precious metals and minerals. With the help of state of the art recycling technology, we are able to reach an efficiency of recovering up to 98% of the recyclable products and dispose off the remaining hazardous waste through TSDF.