At Eswari Metal Industries (EMI), we are committed to a clean and green environment, one that will be cherished by the generations to come. We place special emphasis on environmental and ecological issues and therefore fulfill our responsibility as a corporate devoted to making the world a better place.
Lead and lead alloy manufacturing can have a harmful impact on the environment. At EMI high standards of environment friendly measures are adopted in each stage, right from the storage of batteries, processing the Lead metal and the disposal of wastes.
All processes in the manufacturing facility are in tune with air and water pollution control norms, the emission level in EMI is much lower than the allowable CPCB standards. We closely work with National Institute of Technology (NITK) (One of the most reputed institute in INDIA), Mangalore Karnataka to improve our Eco Friendly practices. The Ambient Air Quality monitoring and stack monitoring test are taken on a regular basis by NITK. At EMI, a team of qualified personnels regularly monitor pollution levels and ensure that the process conform to accepted eco friendly standards.



  • Pure Lead with 99.97 – 99.98% purity
  • Lead Antimony alloy
  • Lead Selenium alloy
  • Lead Calcium alloy
  • Lead Tin alloy

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